Friday, May 25, 2012

Challenge List: May 25, 2012

Okay, so I'm doing this mainly to help myself keep track of all the challenges I have entered (or will be entering).  So I'll be keeping up with this here.  Also, I thought it might be fun to announce to the world--as it were--what I'll be doing in my spare time.  So, here we go.

2012 Challenges

Challenge: Goodreads Reading Challenge
Link: here
About: Set a goal of books to read in a year.
Goal: 20 books
Accomplished so Far: 10
Due: Dec. 31st


Challenge: SPN Crossover Big Bang
Link: here
About: Write a 15k SPN crossover fic
Goal: Finish Duckpocalypse Now
Accomplished so Far: FAILED!


Challenge: Crossover Big Bang
Link: here
About: Finish a 15k crossover fic.
Goal: Finish Devil You Don't Know
Accomplished so Far: FAILED!


Challenge: SmallFandomfest FEST11
Link: here
About: Choose up to 3 prompts for either fic or art.
Goal: 3 prompts; 1 art, 2 fic
Accomplished: 1 art
Due: July 31st


Challenge: Zombification
Link: here
About: Choose up to 2 prompts and do fics
Goal: 2 prompts
Accomplished: In progress
Due: June 23rd


Challenge: Camp NaNoWriMo (June)
Link: here
About: 50k words in 30 days
Goal: Finish Family Affairs
Accomplished: Starts June 1st
Due: June 30th


Challenge: Twisting the Hellmouth's August Fic-a-Day
Link: here
About: 1 fic a day (Buffy crossovers only) for every day in Aug
Goal: 1 fic a day for each day in Aug.
Accomplished: Planning period; Begins Aug. 1st
Due: Aug. 31st


Challenge: Camp NaNoWriMo (August)
Link: here
About: 50k in 30 days
Goal: Finish Aftershock + work on some fanfics
Accomplished: Planning period; Begins Aug. 1st
Due: Aug. 31st


Challenge: Wishlist 2011
Link: here
About: 6, 12, 24 fics or arts based on prompts given
Goal: 12 fics
Accomplished: 3 fics
Due: Oct. 15, 2012


Challenge: NaNoWriMo
Link: here
About: 50k in 30 days
Goal: 50k--specifics to be decided
Accomplished: Starts Nov. 1st
Due: Nov. 30th


Challenge: Wishlist 2012
Link: here
About: 6, 12, or 24 fics or arts based on prompts given
Goal: 6 fics
Accomplished: Starts Dec. 1st
Due: Dec. 31st


Challenge: 100 Things
Link: here
About: Blog about 100 items
Goal: 100 Badass Villains (grouped into 10s)
Accomplished: 2 posts of 10
Due: Whenever

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Project Declaration!

So, I mentioned one of the things I planned to blog about in the future was my original fiction plans.  I also mentioned that I'd explain why getting "The Curious Tale of Elizabeth Nigel" published was just so awesome (despite the obviously reasons).  Well, these two go hand-in-hand.  Let me explain.

You see, I have plans for the characters and the steampunk world of Elizabeth Nigel.  I plan to do a series of short stories--the ones of which I have planned that are set in stone being the one mentioned above and the one set directly after called "Elizabeth Nigel Aboard the Annabelle."  I was thinking about doing enough for a small collection.  Then, picking up where the last short story (whatever that might be) leaves off, I would do a novel--which I already have titled as The Wedding of Elizabeth Nigel.  So it's just very exciting to have the first story published for these characters, which I see as setting this all in motion.

So what other plans do I have of the original fiction nature?  Well, this June I'm participating in Camp NaNoWriMo.  Same rules, different month.  I'm using the novel I attempted last November, which was Family Affairs.  A bit of a cheat, I know, but it's more important to me that I finish this novel, rather me follow the exact rules.  Besides, I'm aiming for the first draft of that novel to be about 80k-90k.  So I'll have done my share.  My backup plan, should I get irreparable stuck on Family Affairs, is to work on my novella, Aftershock.  Which is another work that I have a couple of short stories leading up to. 

This is all not mentioning that I might do a sequel to Aftershock, will be doing 3 direct sequels and 2 indirect sequels to Family Affairs, and have several other novella/novels to be thinking about.  I have all the ideas... I just need, like a fitness trainer--like one of the really mean ones--only for writing only. 

Of course, this is all just my original (ie the really important) writing goals.  But, something else I can lump in with this, I joined in on this challenge on Livejournal called 100 Things.  You blog about 100 things (with the min. post being 10 posts of 10).  For example, I'm doing "100 Badass Villains."  I decided that I was a little more likely to work it all out if I did the 10 groups from 100 down to 1.  This is a challenge mainly to get Livejournal people to blog more, but I thought I'd post it in both places. 

So, if anyone wonders where I am and can't find me at Godiva, I'm in a dark corner with nothing but my laptop... willing the words to write themselves.  Until then, here's a funny picture.  See you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chocolate Covered and Slightly Crazed

     Well, I haven’t blogged since January 1st. That’s never a good sign, right? So, in this long awaited (okay, not) post, I’ll attempt to explain why. I’ll also catch you up on my life in general. I’ll begin with the obvious.
     I still don’t have a vehicle. It’s becoming a real bitch to find one. Enough said on that. I’m moving on.
     Work. Ah, the daily grind. This is gonna be long. Deep breath, folks, we’re diving in. January is a dead month in Chocolate Land. Really. Everyone’s wallets are recovering from Xmas, and no one wants to spend that kind of money on gourmet chocolate. So hours were hard to come by. Meanwhile, I was dealing with a lot of personal and financial issues outside of work. I had no money, no car, worried about food, worried about where we were staying, and I’ll admit it: I became horribly depressed. I never said as much to anyone, but I did. I had trouble sleeping, and when I did it was always too much that never felt like enough. I cried almost every night. It was hard. Obviously, that affected my work. And my bosses noticed. They called me out on it—on the day I had discovered I was overdrawn, somehow, on my bank account… not that they knew that—saying that it seemed as if I didn’t want to be there at all. This, of course, climaxed after closing one night and forgetting to do something very important that I got into a heap of trouble for. This was approaching Valentine’s Day now—when I would get more hours. I had made a new friend, but I was still feeling lost. Our store’s DM was coming soon, and my manager mentioned that she was afraid to work me because he might fire me for the “deer in headlights” look I seemed to be giving everyone. Not something I needed to hear. But V-Day came and went. My new friend had come to the decision to quit Godiva and go with her other two jobs. I didn’t blame her—and still don’t. Three jobs. Come on. Things weren’t getting any better for reasons I’m still unsure of, at work or at home. A new employee was brought on to replace my friend, and then the DM arrived. On my birthday, by the way. Which I was scheduled to work, and then got cut. But I’m pretty sure, looking back, that this was my turning point. I still had a good birthday. Better than last year’s, to be sure. I think I had decided then that my life was what it was at the moment. If I wanted happiness back, I was going to have to just take it. And take it I did. Following that day, I was just happy. Finding whatever I could to be happy about. Sunnydale Crossing—an art group on Deviantart—had restarted their couples’ contest. So I started doing photo manips again—check out my link on the right to see some! Sometime later, the assistant manager quit (drama here I’ll skip as I wasn’t really involved). After that, two other associates quit (rather recently and suddenly). That has left Godiva with only our general manager, myself, and two other associates on schedule. That’s… it. Yes, as you may guess, I’m getting hours now. Not complaining. We’ve only hired one more person, and summer’s dead. We might not be hiring any more. We’ve gone from a staff of 10… to 5. Yikes. But things are… smoother, somehow. That’s the entirely too condensed version of life at Godiva… but I’ll just say this: crap happened.
     Which moves to me writing. In short, I did none. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Wasn’t helping my mood at home either. And although I’m loving those extra hours on my check, it’s not helping my writing time. But that’s only my fault. I’ve been lazy. I could write on my days off. But I don’t always do… until just the other day. I decided that if I needed to write, then I was going to write. And I did. I sent off an original fiction story, decided which OF I was sending off next (after edits), and finished a chapter of Trials (what? Fanfic relaxes me).
     And that brings me to the part of this I’ve been dreading the most. Resolution update. Have I completed all the challenges entered? No. In fact, I dropped out of two. I actually wanted to vomit. I was so angry with myself for this. I’ve thought about doing the unofficial tracks for these two… still thinking on that. Then it wouldn’t be quitting, right? Right? Have I finished a novel and/or novella? Did you read above? No. But it’s always on my mind. This is my year, and I know that. Am I married? No, damn it. I’m not. But this damn year’s not over yet! Have I been eating better? I work in a damn mall! No. Have I finished any of those fanfics listed in the last post? No! But! I’m so close. I know that’ll happen. Have I started any of those other listed fics? No… but that’s fandom fear holding me back.
    To sum up, I’ve still got seven damn months of 2012 left. Don’t count me out yet. To end on some bright notes, I’ve had some works released. Here’s the info on that:
My story, "Mirror Image," appears here, and it's a truly wonderful anthology.
My short story, "Ties," appears here.  I'll be honest.. I haven't read this one yet.
My flash fiction, "Bad News," appears here.  I honestly can't wait to read this one!

     Also, I got my first royalty check. It was about $20 more than what I expected. Always good. And best of all… my story, “The Curious Tale of Elizabeth Nigel” will be published. The editor of the anthology, Clockwork Chaos, Mr. Neal Levin found a new home for it! I’ll explain in a later post why this is so awesome!
     So, what can you expect from this blog in the future? Well, I think I’m going to review the chocolate of Godiva. I’m going to list some of my original fiction projects. I’m also thinking of doing a post that’ll be a quote game! And I promise I won’t take as long to post again. Also, I’m getting a tooth pulled Saturday. I’ll be sure to let the world hear about that. Until next time!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolution 2012

Imagine that blog title, for a moment, in a deep movie announcer voice. *laughs* Sorry, couldn't help myself.

All right, so here it is. I've thought for the past week on this little list of resolutions for this year. Yes, I said, "list." I always give myself more than one resolution. I just love lists. More than one person probably should. Without further ado, the switch--ah, I mean, list (lame Darkwing Duck joke, sorry. For this one, see episode "Just Us Justice Ducks):

Writing Resolutions

Because these are the most plentiful of my resolutions, I thought I'd start off with them. We'll start with original fiction.

  • I hereby resolve myself to finish one novel this year. That means written, and in a state where I feel okay with sending it off to a publisher (because nobody ever feels great when they send it off, I think).

  • I also resolve to finish one novella. Same conditions as the novel.

  • Borrowing a leaf, once again, from AD Spencer's book, I also resolve to write at least 12 new short stories. More is better, but 12 is minimum.

Now, for the fanfiction:

  • I resolve to have the follow chaptered fanfictions finish within this year: Trials, All for Naught, Force of a Slayer, The Funny Thing About Keys, and Youth and Innocence. Lost list? You have no idea....

  • I also resolve to begin the following chaptered fanfictions this year: How to Save a Dhampire, Family, Devil You Don't Know, and Tribulations.

  • I also resolve to finish the Wishlist 2011 Challenge well before the Oct. 15, 2012 deadline--I'm hoping for a Late Feb.-Early March finish at the very latest.

  • I resolve to finish all challenges entered this year.


These were way harder for me to pin down, and much more vague. I really struggled with these. After all, if you're going to put as much thought as all of this *points to blog post* into a New Year's resolution(s), then it is obviously something you take very seriously. Whether you spend most the year thinking, "Huh, I just completed my resolution!" or not, these are still things that will be there in your mind. You just might not call them "resolutions" by December. Anyway, here's my personal resolutions:

  • I want to get married. I have been trying and try for the past three years to get married to my fiance. I'm skipping the ceremony--until I can afford it--and going with the courthouse. This will get done this year.

  • Watch what I eat. Not a full on diet, but I'm aware that this will be my 26th year on this planet and that means the beginning of a lot of things. I'm older. I need to start taking care of myself a little bit more. I need to cut back on *gulp* a lot of my favorite foods... cheese comes to mind. I need as much time as possible if I'm going to write all those novels I have planned.

  • Secure myself. I was uprooted and stayed that way throughout 2011. I'm sick of it. I want to hunker down somewhere and just stay there until I'm good and ready to move.

And actually... that's it. Yeah, I say that like that's not a substantial list or something. Yeah. But those are my plans for 2012. Think I can do it? Look, I'll be honest... I'm not sure myself. But that's not going to stop me from trying! Have a happy 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Pimpage

Taking a page from AD Spencer's book, I've decided to do some pimpage of some books before I do the inevitable New Years' Resolution post. I've had some works published in some new books, so here's the low-down.


Daily Flash 2012

366 Days of short fiction pieces of all different genres. One for every calender day of the year. How can you pass this up? My stories "Dragon Fruit" and "Gowns I Have Worn" appear here. It can be purchased from either (link on the right) or the Pill Hill Press website.

Daily Frights 2012

Like it's Daily Flash counterpart, it's 366 flash pieces of fiction. Only this time, it's all horror, all the time! My two pieces in this one are "And All Through the House" and "Sunday Dinner." Again, this can be purchased on (Link on the right) and the Pill Hill Press website.


Newly published, and featuring my story, "Tooth Jacked," is the lovely WTF?! Antho. But don't let the cover scare you, there's some fun times ahead in this one! Purchasable on (link on the right) as well as off the Pink Narcissus Press site.

My New Year's Resolution post is to follow. Feel free to check out these books and the others containing my stories. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011: Early Round-Up

Okay, so it's been nearly two months since I last blogged. I apologize for that. So, what have you missed in the way of the Trishverse? Well...


I've been working at Godiva for this entire time, and I gotta say. I really like it. I mean, it's not a career--that's still writing or librarian work at the very least--but as a job to support myself with while I work on those other two, I really like it. I mean, it's fun. It's a great group of co-workers and supervisors. It's not really stressful. I mean, there are moments, but nothing too horrible. Definitely have done more stressful work (those of you who know my workforce history know exactly what I'm talking about here). And I've found out that I'm being kept on after seasonal, so I don't have to worry about finding another job after Feb. 14th (which is when Godiva seasonal ends). All in all, this has been what has taken up most of my time, but I'm okay with that. I just need to re-discover my writing groove.


Car's broken down. Like, since before Thanksgiving. Busted valve, I think. But today it got hauled to a mechanic to see what it'll cost us to fix it. Thankfull, he's not charging us anything to look at it and give us an estimate. It would be absolutely frickin' wonderful if it wasn't all that much. So, fingers crossed on that.

My Christmas was kind of low-key. Not bad, but not as big as I usually do it. But, I'll tell you, I'm okay with that too. After years of aiming for big, decorative Xmases, it was kind of like a vacation. I'll do it big next year, and it'll be cool. Preston and I are both doing our personal Xmases a little later (actually, he just bought me something small as an Xmas gift, and ordered the big gift--the new Abarat book *yay!*). I need to figure out what to get him, lol. I have an idea, but I'm trying to do the money math and see if I can work it out.


Wow. I can't even properly express how far behind I am. I mean, I have two different fanfiction challenges to finish. That I'm behind on. I have several original fiction stories that I need to spruce up and send out. I need to do my 2012 Submission chart. I need to finish so many longer works that it's insane. I also am signing up for a longer fanfic challenge in the new year. And, oh, believe it or not, blogging has been on my list to do for these past two months. That's right... the blog I am just now typing. That's how behind I am.

But, I did get an acceptance for a story, "Ties," that I'd been trying to get published for the better part of a year now. Also, I have stories that have come out in PillHillPress's Daily Frights and Daily Flash collections. Also, my story, "Tooth Jacked," is/will be available from Pink Narcissus Press. And on Jan. 15th, my story, "So, These Monsters Walk into a Con..." will be available within UnCONventional, from Spencer Hill Press. Appropriate links for ordering/pre-ordering will be added over in the sidebar ---->

I haven't updated my writing site in a little bit. I'll have to catch up on that as well.

To Sum Up...

Screw it. 2012 is a new year, and I'm ready to face it head-on. My 2011 sucked so hard. I lost my house. I lost most of my material possessions. I lost good relationships that I never thought I would lose. I've been a burden to some and burdened upon. But right now, in this moment, things are okay. I have a place to stay. I have a job. I'm an aunt to a beautiful baby girl. Preston's doing great in school. He graduates in June. Things are getting better, slowly but surely. 2012 will be a better year. I know it will be. And I can't wait to greet it.

Oh, about the photo manip at the top of the blog. Much thanks to for restarting their challenges. I'd fallen behind on my photomaniping as well. It's nice to be getting back on track. (That was a winning manip, too).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It Has Begun

I mean a lot of different things with that title. Namely, however, I speak of NaNoWriMo. I did the midnight start up--as I've done every year but the very first year I did NaNo. I'm now sitting--as you can see at the side--at 2,070. I intend to add more to it tonight before I go asleep, trying to stay ahead.

I also start work tomorrow. I mean, I went to a Sunday night clean/stock thing, but this is work-work I'm starting tomorrow (Wednesday). During store hours. I really hope I don't accidently blow the place up or something.

Oh, and I also began one of my Wishlist 2011 fics last night. I don't plan for it to be longer than 300 or 400 words, so I got some good headway on it (like 50 words, lol). And I haven't started the next Trials chapter yet--I mean, NaNo--but it shall be done soon enough. In fact, if I feel good enough about it tonight, I might start it. I need to keep the relatively steady pace I have been so I can finish it and put up Tribulation.

Back to workforce gabber, I'm still looking for a second part-time job, as well as looking at libraries (well, going to be looking at libraries). And my fiance has an interview tomorrow, so good luck to him! Oh, I also got all my ID troubles and most of the car troubles fixed today. Things are looking up. Let's hope they stay that way.

Keep an eye on the sidebar to see my word count for NaNo rise! Or add me as a buddy! My name on NaNo is PatriciaLouise.